LA Pebbles On The Beach Festival

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History of the LA Pebbles on The Beach Festival 

This website is a reminder that not so long ago Littlehampton had a pretty decent music festival. 

The LA Pebbles on The Beach Festival was founded in 2007 by a few friends down a local pub. The idea was to stage a music concert on the beach the following summer and showcase local bands and singers while at the same time raising money for charity. From the start, the whole ethos for the festival was 'by the people, for the people' and this worked right from day one right to the final festival in 2010.
Unfortunately the festival was put on indefinite hiatus after the 2010 event due to a lack of funding. Increased costs and ever decreasing sponsorship in a difficult financial climate meant that it was no longer a viable option to hold the festival. It is hoped that one day the festival will be revived and be a fantastic event for Littlehampton again.

Atombuzz on the main stage at the 2010 event. Photo by Lee Taylor